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Goddess Dawn
25 February
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If you add me, leave a comment somewhere in my journal.

This journal is more for me than anyone else, it's a way for me to vent and talk about things that are bothering me, as well as a way for me to keep organized...I have a hard time getting things accomplished unless I constantly remind myself, and writing plans and schedules in this journal is a good way to help me.

I'm a 17 year old semi-Gothic gamer girl, extremely nerdy and proud of it. I love drawing more than anything else, with music running a close second. I play guitar and bass, though not as well as I would like...I've always had an interest in theology, especially contradictions within religions. I will be attending California Institute of the Arts in the fall, majoring in costume design...I like dressing up, especially as comic book and video game characters.

I am a recovering nymphomaniac and cutter, bipolar among other things, but constantly working to overcome it. Friends, especially through livejournal, are a huge part of my recovery, although I don't have much contact with most of my old friends anymore.

I like lots of stuff. I guess it would be pointless to try to write it all here.



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acting, after forever, alkaline trio, anthropomorphism, anti flag, art, atreyu, auras, authority zero, avenged sevenfold, bdsm, bisexuality, black metal, blind guardian, bloodbath, body art, body modification, bodymods, bondage, brandon boyd, broadway, castlevania, celtic, comedy, comics, concerts, cosplay, costumes, cradle of filth, dark ages, dark tranquillity, darkane, darkest hour, death, death metal, depression, dimension zero, drama, drawing, dropkick murphys, egypt, eighteen visions, embodyment, extol, fae, fantasy, fetish, final fantasy, finger eleven, from autumn to ashes, from zero, furcadia, furres, furries, furry, furry art, gamefaqs, gargoyles, goth, gothic, gothicism, guitar, gunbound, guys with long hair, hatecore, heath ledger, heavy metal, henna, hindu, hinduism, hopesfall, in flames, incubus, iron maiden, japanese, johnny depp, katatonia, killswitch engage, kimberly kills, kreator, lord of the rings, lotr, luxt, macabre, machine head, metal, metal guys, mindless self indulgence, minion, moonspell, my dying bride, naglfar, nevermore, new age, new york, nintendo, nonexist, oekaki, opeth, orlando bloom, otyg, paganism, paradise lost, poison elves, potc, powerman 5000, puck, punk, punk guys, reading, renaissance, renaissance faires, rpgs, satan, satanism, satyrs, science fiction, self mutilation, sentenced, serial killers, sex, sexuality, shadows fall, singing, skindred, soilwork, straight edge, street performers, suicide, sxe, tattoos, terror 2000, the blood brothers, the crown, the douche crew, the endless, the haunted, theatre, theatre of tragedy, third eye blind, thrash metal, tristania, vampires, vampirism, video games, white pride, wicca, witchcraft, zao, zelda

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