My roomate is the biggest douchebag on the planet

So I've had a lot of problems with my roomate shit talking me at work in the past already. He seems to think that what I do in my personal life somehow reflects upon him at work and that if I sleep with someone, he is somehow going to get fired. Not only is that fucking ridiculous, but I've been dating the same guy for 2 and a half months now, so it's not even a fucking issue. Is he totally mental? I am convinced he has aspergers or borderline personality disorder or something, but his insurance just ran out and he's been a mess because his prescription has expired (for his seizure pills, which is also an anti-psychotic). He is pissed because I don't want to go down to Tijuana to help him get pills this weekend. Well, shit. No, I don't. First of all, he hasn't been all that great to me. He wouldn't do that shit for me, and I know it. And, that's asking a lot. I don't want to spend my weekend in Mexico. AND I already had plans to hang out with an actual friend for his birthday tomorrow. I understand it's important to get him his seizure pills, but it's not my fucking problem. I am not these guys' fucking mommy, I am not here to clean up after all their shit and drive their asses around and pay for everything and I'm tired of being treated like I am. It makes me miss Jason, filthy as it was living with him.

So my friend Andre overhears Brett talking shit about me quite often. The first time I confronted him about it he gave me some bullshit story saying he was trying to cover his own ass because if he defended me somehow...I don't know. The story was utter bullshit, whatever it was he said to me. Today Andre said he was complaining about me being a spoiled princess because my parents brought up a dining room table for me. Now, fuck him, because I paid my parents for that table. Also, they are my goddamn parents. Also, if he has a problem with it, he can feel free not to use my couch, or my table, or my tv, or my coffee table, or any of the other things I've brought into this house, which is a hell of a lot more than him. The only thing he brought in was a couch, and that's only because Theo gave it to him since he had no place else to put it. The only thing my parents pay for is my gas, which I am absolutely thankful for, I've definitely never had a hard life but I'm not spoiled, I never ask for much, and I pay for most everything on my own. I think he is mad that I have a much better relationship with my parents than he does, but that's not real reason for him to take it out on me.

So today he was complaining about me to this guy Melo at work after Melo asked how things were, I guess he went off on a rant about me. I don't know what the fuck his deal is, I pay my rent on time, I keep pretty clean, I hang out with him and play games pretty much every night and listen to him bitch about how hard his life is. I really try to help the guy, although I don't know why, since he just keeps trying to fuck me over at work. He's also mad that I am getting put on Frontlines to do standards. Maybe if he did a better job at work, he could be on Frontlines too. He was going to get fired today but oddly enough his lead defended him (which is weird, since he almost fired him once, too). My old lead DP and he have such huge brawl going on, I'm amazed he didn't get let go today, but I've heard it isn't far off. Well good fucking luck to him, because I'm done, I want him out of my apartment, and since he is probably losing the job at THQ soon, I hope he moves back to fucking Georgia.

Anyone want to rent a room in Canoga Park? $550 bucks plus electricity and cable. =3
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Holy Crap LJ

Good times.

So I posted an ad on Craigslist because I thought it would be good for a laugh. Turns out, it was. 2 guys from work messaged me. Not just any guys. One of them is the single most hated guy at work, someone seran wrapped his car and he threatened to get a lawyer. What made him think it would be a good idea to message me?

I have a date with someone from Craigslist tomorrow, though. I was just doing it for laughs, but this guy actually seems really cool. Well, not a real date, but a chance to go out, you know what I mean.

=3 How is everyone?

I cant decide if this is funny or not. Wait, it is. Very.

So yes. Yesterday at work, oh silly silly. Im gonna copy paste this from a convo I had with Jim because its a long story:

There were 3 of us supposed to close, but about an hour before closing one of the girls got a concussion carrying some boxes in back and had to leave, so it was the managers only day off and we had to call her to file an accident report and shit. So then after that there were 2 of us closing, and we close at 9, and at about 9:15 sue went in the back to get something out of the storage and she heard crying in the bathroom and she was like hello? And the girl was like "CALL MY MOMMY IM ONLY 14 I NEED MY MOMMY" and she was like wtf? The girl had been in there for like an hour and a half, it reminded me of clerks. We didnt know she was in there when we closed.
So we called her mom, even though its store policy not to let anyone in after we close
because its a security risk and blah blah blah and it would put the employees lives at danger cuz there were only 2 of us in a big store full of money and it was nite, or whatever. So we call the manager again on her day off to be like "wtf mates?" and she drove down there cuz she thought the girl was a diversion and we were gonna get robbed or something cuz that had happened in the escondido store she used to work at.
So we call the girls mom who was in a restaraunt down the street, the girl had told her mom she was going to the bathroom and gone store to store til she found one
and her mom didnt answer her cell phone, so the girl was like crying and screaming at Sue, "it came out halfway and it wont go back in and it wont come out and im in a lot of pain and i dont know what the hell is wrong with me i just need my mommy" So then we called her sisters who said theyd been looking for her for like 2 hours and they thought she had gotten kidnapped or raped or something and they came to the store and tried to talk the girl into coming out but she refused to and made them call her mom who was all pissed thinking the chick ran off so she hung up til they called them back again. Then anita the manager showed up when the mom did and she refused to let all 3 of them in the store so she was being kind of a bitch to the sisters cuz she worried about me and sue and the sisters started crying and were like "well if your employees got hurt she wouldnt mean it, i promise shes not a threat" It took the mom like 10 minutes to get her daughter to come out of the bathroom, we were gonna call the police or 911 but they didnt know wtf was going on. So finally at 9:40 the girl got out of the bathroom and it was funny as fuck the end.

Sue lent me 10 bucks to buy some patterns since it was the last day of the sale. Woo. I'm starting work on my costumes very soon now, got the patterns for chun li and for leeloo. Just gotta find something for Dawn and pick a 4th costume.

My mom finally dyed my hair but it still needs to be cut. Eee.

Um...Oh, right. Tomorrow I work, Wednesday too, even though its my birthday. Aww. So thursday I only have one class for an hour, and Friday ive got a 3 hour class...Friday is payday, so Ill probably go pick up my check in the morning and do something...probably go get a tattoo on Friday, then go to Rocky at nite. I *AM* going this time. Does anybody want to go with me? Geoff will be there, but I dunno. This birthday will be lame, and I guess that's ok. Since I get my settlement on Wednesday, I might go car shopping on Thursday. I'm going for my second lesson soon, so I'll at least be a little closer to getting my license. I won't be ready next week, but soon. Soon now. Honestly. >.> My head has been killing me all day, I tried to wake up to do some shit but I couldnt, I was tired and sick feeling all day. BLAH.
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The power went out 3 times yesterday, and with it, my alarm clock. So, I ended up missing photoshop today thought I fully intended to go, even though, you know...My mom was awake and on the phone, I guess she didn't want to wake me up. We were supposed to go out and get my haircut, and dye it, and go buy some patterns at fabric at JoAnns, and return some stuff at the Goodwill. We probably still will do some of it, though I don't know how much, when she wakes up. Tomorrow I work from 3-10, today I'm gonna try to get some of that stuff done. My walls look so depressing without all my pictures, it's weird as Hell and I don't like it.
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Stuff, and me ranting about gay marriage.

Today I didnt go to school again because...I dont give a shit, its a no credit class and Im only doing it for fun. I will go tomorrow, though. Havent missed any photoshop classes yet. Instead, my mom and I went to the Goodwill for about an hour and a half. I wanted to go shopping, but she dragged me there, what a bitch. I also wanted to get a haircut, but...looks like that isn't gonna happen, either. I'm at least going to try to make her dye my hair tonite...The color she got is really orange, though...Not red like I usually have. It's like the same color as Dawn's. If I dye it this color, and get my hair layered soon, I might not have to get a wig for my costume. Wee! Oh yeah, we were gonna go to JoAnn's and buy patterns and fabric for my leeloo costume, but she wanted to go to Goodwill. I'll probably drag her there tomorrow, before or after class. She better help me with my costume this time. Tonite I have guitar...Wee. I'm bored of doing stuff. She still hasn't called the psychiatrist, though Ive been bugging her every day to do it. I need to get on some new medication. My dad called the VUSD today to see if they could talk Guajome into signing the school number on my CalGrants, but VUSD has no jurisdiction over Guajome. Stupid charter schools...So he called Penny the principal to see if she would sign off on the paper, CalGrants won't accept it without the school number, and it's worth fully 10,000 dollars, so we need it. My dad goes to great lengths to get shit done. If Penny doesn't sign the paper, he is calling the California board of education...If Guajome doesn't sign it, they could lose all their funding for not adhering to the VUSD rules. That would suck for them, so they will. It would be funny if my dad shut down Guajome, I would laugh. I don't even go to that school, and they still fuck me over, what a bunch of bitches.

My mom found my favorite belt that had gone missing. She is holding it hostage until I take all the band pictures off my wall...what a cunt. So, I'm going to go do that after I finish this entry.

Man, talking to furries from pisses me off. I think I might withdraw from the whole idea of furry culture. There is too much of a high concentration of people within it that piss me off. I hate the people who message me trying to whore their shitty artwork, the 12 year olds who think being a furry is something new and unique, the people who think just because they are a furry, it makes them my friend automatically, the people who message me with some half assed attempt at roleplaying, the people who talk only in emoticons and animal noises, the people who think they are actually animals in human form, the people who think furry is a religion, the people who think fursuits are somehow erotic, and the people who think VORE is interesting. Goddamn, I hate these people. Ive already scared 2 of them off today by going off on them, when people I've NEVER talked to message me with HI ^_^ *HUGGLES!* it pisses me off. Go jump off a cliff.

Man, I get angrier every day of my life. I wish my threshold for stupidity tolerence was higher, but it's not. Oh well.

Speaking of things that I hate...I'm going to bitch about this shit on gay marriage, now. A lot of you will be pissed off at me, but I don't give a shit. Now as most of you know, I am a lesbian and very anti Christian, so this view may be completely out of place for me, but it's how I feel. SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT GAY MARRIAGE. Church and state are separate, yes, so religion shouldn't be a reason for outlawing gay marriage. HOWEVER - marriage is being recognized as a couple BENEATH THE EYES OF GOD, it IS a religious ceremony, whether you think it is or not. People get married in a church, people get married by a priest or a rabbi or whatever, it IS a religious ceremony and it was set up as it is because of the BIBLE, which also says HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN. Of course, you don't have to believe that if you are a homosexual or not religious, but that's how its viewed. If you want to have the same legal rights as heteresexuals, fine. You can have your own ceremony, but it should have no religious context, and it should not be called MARRIAGE. Because MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN UNDER THE EYES OF GOD. You can have a civil contract, recognized by the state, and file your taxes together and get social security if you want, blah blah - But it's not a fucking marriage. And all the bullshit about this is going all over the news and people are so worried about this issue that they are forgetting some of the VERY IMPORTANT THINGS that are going on in our country. What about all the people in Iraq who are getting killed for no reason? Oh wait, there is a reason, but do any of you bother to find out the truth about it? No, because you are all too busy bitching about gay rights. Look at the bigger picture. Anybody can bitch about stuff like this, I don't see why so many straight people are up in arms about it, anyway. You guys can bitch all you want, but I'll be amazed if any of you do anything past that. Bitching takes no time or effort, but actually doing something to change the way things are takes time and effort that most people just aren't willing to dedicate to their cause. Liberalism is ruining this fucking country, what happened to having morals? When are you going to draw the line? Why is our country allowing things like NAMBLA to pop up? Some things are immoral even if they aren't illegal, some things are both. Child molestation is fucking disgusting, and wrong, and anyone who thinks it's normal should be shot so they don't rape children. The priesthood got away with it because they are in a position of power, any normal people would go to prison. We can't continue having double standards - Liberalism makes no damn sense. Gays can have their rights, but just as they have their rights, people should be allowed to have their opinions on it. If you don't hold the popular liberalist view, you are immediately tagged as a racist or homophobe or various other derogatory terms-When in reality, you just have morals and beliefs, just as the liberalists believe in their cause. We have to have some restraints. We have to know when to say no. Equal opportunities means equal opportunities in all things, what happened to free speech? Nonexistant, better move out of this country before it's illegal. Also, I hate Mexicans.

Man, I went off on a tangent, but goddamn. People bitch about stuff without really thinking about what it is they are saying. This is just a fad, find something else to complain about.
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So this one time, Guajome sucked. Oh wait, that's all the time.

I had work for another 8 hours today, it was kind of a slow day...It wasn't too bad, I fucked up a couple times, but I'm still new so it doesn't matter. I guess...anyway, whatever.

My grandma called me today, first time I've talked to her since she was in the hospital. She said she didn't forget about our Christmas shopping, and that she would take me as soon as I had a day off that she was also free. Um, weird. Considering that, you know, it's the middle of February and my birthday is in a week, anyway. I don't know what to ask her for...There's nothing I really want that I won't be able to buy myself. I guess either a new guitar or some guitar shit, or an art tablet, or I can ask her to help me buy a car but I'll have the money from the settlement, so I don't know. WHATEVS.

Anyway, the reason Guajome sucks is this - So I have to send my CalGrants shit in by March 2nd to get my grants for this year's schooling...Right? To send it in, I need my transcripts and a verified GPA from my high school - But since I'm not enrolled in it right now, they refuse to sign the school name on there, and without that, CalGrants has no way to verify that my GPA is above a 2.0. They say the reason they won't sign it is because I don't attend school there - I'm still registered there, so technically I'm still a student until I finish my GED...But they won't let me unregister until I finish my GED, and they won't sign my CalGrants because I'm not attending class, even though I'm apparently registered there. But I won't have my GED test scores in time to send it up to CalGrants, and I don't even know if CalGrants accepts GED scores. I guess they'd have to, but since they only look at 10th and 11th grade GPAs, and I WENT to Guajome in 11th grade, you'd THINK THEY'D JUST SIGN THE FUCKING PAPER INSTEAD OF BEING DIFFICULT. Now they are saying they want to put me on independent study so I'd be a student and they could sign it, but what the fuck good does that do me? I finish my GED on the 26th of this month, and I'm done - We begged them to put me on independent study and Rachel refused because she said it was only for sick kids - even though that was the reason I was trying to go on it. So what the fuck good does independent study do me now? Not a goddamn thing. Just sign the fucking paper you cunt. But no, I'm losing them money by not being a student, so they don't want to help me get to college and eventually, you know, get a career because they don't like to help kids who aren't giving them money. So fuck Guajome, they can lick my asshole.

So this girl at work today was totally hitting on me, too bad she was ugly.
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Worked for 8 hours. Holy God, it was busy as hell. Im learning stuff. I helped someone with a costume for Comic Con - Im very sad to say that I am promoting fat girls cosplaying anime D: I think Ill start my costume next week - Butterick patterns go on sale on the 19th for 99 cents so I'm going to buy and alter the swimsuit one and start on my leeloo costume. My mom is going to try to get the asian driving instructor to come out on thursday and take me on the freeway-whoamg. I hate driving, but I want my license. Omg. 2 weeks. Today my mom bitched at me for taking her alcohol. I have a lot of hours this week, so I should have about 300 bucks by next payday, after I pay my mom back the 125 I owe her. That should be enough to buy a tattoo and start work on a costume. I'm really tired. Tomorrow I have music theory and world religions...woo. Im pissed I had to miss a world religions class, we were studying Hinduism and I really like the class.

Dwah...Lucas emailed me. He said he thinks he likes me, it made me laugh.

Stuff stuff stuff. Stuff will start happening again in a couple of weeks. I dont think Im doing anything for my birthday.
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Livejournal always gets me in trouble. At least I understand, now.

Had work today. I actually enjoy my job, despite the incredible stupidity of people. So this one lady comes in there and was buying calico for quilting (I already know a ton more about fabric than when I started), and it was a dollar off the 3.99 price...but when they scanned it it came up as a dollar. And she said "Oh, the Good Lord is looking out for me." Like, in all seriousness. She thought it was God who made the fabric a dollar, because she asked him to help her spend money more efficiently. No, I'm serious. She said that. Then later she was talking about how she was supposed to be at Bible study but was buying fabric. So God was blessing her for missing Bible study by making the fabric a dollar cheaper. Yeah, whatever. Then this other woman refused to buy her daughter leopard print because she thought her husband would think it was too racy for a chubby 10 year old girl. Man, people make me laugh.

Today I got a paycheck for 71 dollars. 35 goes to my mommy, now I only owe her 90. Half of my checks go to my mom til I pay her back the full 125. Then 1/4 into the bank. Then the rest I get to spend. In 2 weeks when I turn 18, my checking account becomes my own, I get the settlement money for 16,000 dollars, and that goes to a car, and I can have an ATM card. Hopefully I'll get my license within the month, and then itll be fun. I told my mommy when I turn 18 Im going to go get a tattoo, a piercing, go to a strip club, buy porn, a pack of cigarettes, a lotto ticket and vote. Just cuz I can. And she said ok. The sad part is, I'll need someone to drive me around to do it. Hah. Haha. Hopefully Ill have enough money for all that, Ill probably do a tattoo and piercing first. And then Ill go visit Chris. And...stuff. Be more active in life. Its cold in hurr.

Valentines Day...Bah. I have no Valentine, cuz Kenn is mad at me. Maybe Ill carve his name and a heart in my arm and send him a picture. I have money now...Ill start sending him things. I dont want him to be mad at me. But yeah, its my fault.

Got my new schedule, Ive got more hours next week.

Monday 16th 10:00-6:00
Wesnesday 18th 12:00-8:00
Saturday 21st 3:00-10:00
Sunday 22nd 7:00-8:00
Monday 23rd 10:00-6:00
Wesnesday 25th 12:00-8:00
Saturday 28th 11:00-7:00

I work on my birthday, BOO. Who wants to take me to get my first tattoo on...Thursday, I guess?

Tomorrow Im gonna help my mom with the garage sale and go riding with Lucas. I dont know for sure where we are going. Depends on what my parents are doing, I guess. We might see a movie or something, I dunno.

*goes to look through her shit for stuff to sell*
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(no subject)

Do you ever get depressed to the point you almost stop breathing?

And really, really wish you would?
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